Backpackers Auckland

Frienz Backpackers Accommodation Auckland

Backpackers AucklandFrienz Backpackers Accommodation Auckland offers a variety of accommodation options to meet various travellers’ wants and needs.

Shared rooms are a great option for travellers wanting to meet other travellers to share their special moments, whilst private rooms can be a great option for those travellers who require a bit more of privacy.

Rooms at Frienz Backpackers accommodation Auckland have an extensive list of facilities and are equipped with:

  • Quality, comfortable beds
  • Fully made beds
  • Clock
  • Mirror
  • Clothes hangers
  • Stand light

"Choose Frienz Backpackers Accommodation Auckland for your very best backpacker accommodation experience in Auckland."

Budget Rooms

Budget Dorm (12 beds)

Share with other backpackers in a shared bunk room.

Mixed Dorm Rooms

Mixed Dorm (4, 6, 12 beds)

Share a room at Frienz in a mixed dorm room.

Ladies Dorm

Ladies Dorm (4 to 6 beds)

Share a room at Frienz in a ladies only room.

Single Rooms

Single Room (1 person only)

A single room will provide you great privacy.

Twin Rooms

Twin Room (2 people)

Stay with a friend in a twin room at Frienz

Double Rooms

Double Room (2 people)

Treat yourself to a double room for more space and privacy.